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Paranaguá Port registers daily shipments record

The Port of Paranaguá, in the state of Paraná, is one of the nation’s busiest and largest ports, hence its extreme importance to the outflow of products from the southern region. On April 12th, the terminal registered the highest daily shipment volume of the year. In all, 117,798 tons of soy were loaded, which is a very expressive number that tends to increase with the good harvest. Considering total volume for the first semester, through the export corridors East and West of the Port of Paranaguá, 5,999,490 tons of bulk were loaded, meaning 7% more than in 2022.

Cabotage stimulates logistics in Brazil’s northern region

Cabotage is the transport among ports in the same country. Because Brazil has an extensive coastline and many important cities located near the sea, this type of transportation becomes an attractive option for several sectors, such as agriculture, industry, and commerce.

Besides being a more economical and sustainable option compared to road transport, cabotage is a significant alternative for the reduction of congestion on the roads and the improvement of safety in cargo transport.

Over the last decade, this type of transport has grown approximately 8% a year, and the northern region has been one to be well explored in this regard.

The city of Manaus, which is home to the very important Manaus Free Trade Zone, has benefited from the increase in cabotage which, despite still facing several challenges, has become a great alternative for local companies.

Brazil reaches a new record in agribusiness exports

During the first quarter, Brazilian agribusiness exports reached a record of US$36 billion. Soybeans were the high point for the success of the new harvest that started in March. Already in March, the revenue obtained from agribusiness exports hit a record for the period, as it totaled US$16 billion.

Soybean, chicken meat and sugar were the main highlights in relation to shipments for export, and China was the main destination of these products.


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