International Business

When a foreign agent seeks a partner in Brazil, he must be aware of the following factors:

1 – Transparency

Being transparent is essential for a good negotiation, so when choosing your international partner, focus on transparency from the beginning of the transaction to its conclusion.

2 – Communication

It is very important to maintain a good relationship and communication with the freight forwarder, so choose the one who is concerned about informing you on the cultural, legal, and logistical differences of each operation.

3 – Holistic solutions

We know that logistics operations demand customization and a wide view of the entire operation. Savilog seeks to understand the pain of its customers by customizing solutions and studying routes and modes that will result in benefits for its operation, such as cost and transit time reduction and process optimization.

 4 – Experience with the most diverse types of shipment

The cargo agent’s know-how and a qualified team are extremely important for the success of the operation. Savilog raises costs, analyzes, and manages risks, as well as plans and develops contingency measures until the completion of the operation. We have unrivaled support for legal, tax, and accounting matters for they are closely linked to every project.

5 – Trust

Trust is essential for a good international negotiation, after all, your client’s cargo will be handled by your international partner. Savilog is part of the largest and oldest network of agents that guarantee security and reliability in logistical procedures.

Savilog is the ideal cargo agent for your connection to Brazil! Contact us!