Savi’s Clipping #1

Check out the main news that have moved foreign trade in the last week!

China begins importing Brazilian peanuts

After many negotiations and inspections, China’s Customs Department – Gacc – has granted endorsement so that 47 Brazilian companies can export peanuts to the country, which is one of the largest global importers of such grain. Currently, the main destinations of Brazilian peanuts are Russia, Algeria, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom and Spain. This opening is part of the 43 changes that have occurred in 2022 in Brazil through the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa) to stimulate our agricultural products exports.

Process of denationalization of the Port of Santos advances

The Port of Santos privatization is one of the main discussions on the agenda in relation to Brazilian logistics today. Last month, the National Waterway Transport Agency (Antaq) approved the process of denationalization of the terminal with a stipulated 35-year contract, with this being an important advance towards the denationalization of the terminal and the entry of new investments to make a move into even more efficiency for the largest and busiest port in all Latin America

Hurricane Ian hits Cuba and Florida

At the end of last month, Hurricane Ian intensified in Cuba, advanced into Florida and caused extensive damage in the surrounding regions, leaving hundreds of homeless people, some flooding, power outages and recorded deaths. In addition, the passage of the hurricane also impacted international logistics, with the interruption of flights and sea shipments in order to avoid further accidents. So far, 83 deaths have been confirmed in Florida and rescue teams are still searching for missing persons.

September Trade Balance scores record US$3.9 billion surplus

The Brazilian Trade Balance for September reached a US$3.9 billion surplus. US$28.95 billion came from exports and US$24.957 billion from last month’s imports. Exports from the agricultural sector continue to stand out and are an important source of revenue for the country. Hence agricultural performance grew 47.5%, when compared to September 2021 and shipments of products from the manufacturing industry increased by 22.3%. During this year, the positive trade balance has already reached US$47.869 billion.