Savi’s Clipping #12

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The Privatization process of the Port of Santos has been delayed

One of the most expected decisions by Brazilian importing and exporting companies, and for those who have some business in Brazil, has to do with the privatization of the Port of Santos, which was supposed to be approved by the end of this year. However, the latest decision of the Brazilian Federal Court of Accounts (TCU) has elucidated that the process will not go ahead this year, but rather will be studied for possible concessions in 2023.


Maersk no longer serves the Port of Itajaí

Maersk, the Danish company that is huge in maritime transport, announced, last week, that it will no longer operate in the Port of Itajaí, which is one of the most important ports for the country’s southern region. The decision caused major concerns for many institutions, although the company stated that the cargoes that were located in Itajaí have already been transported to a nearby port, the port of Itapoá, without causing any losses to its customers.


Good news: Sea freight rates record important drop in 2022

After almost three years from the pandemic, which entailed several problems for the global logistics chain, the rates of international ocean freights have finally started to drop, recording significantly lower prices than last year.

During the most critical period of the pandemic, in the middle of 2021, the rate of a freight from Asia to Brazil reached an all-time record of US$11,000 over one single container. Yet, in the last months of the year, its price was already around US$3,500, in spite of still being a high rate, when compared to the US$1,500 charged before the pandemic.