Savi’s Clipping #14

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Check out the main news about Brazil and the world that caught the attention of the Foreign Trade field last week:


Brazil sets record in chicken exports

Chicken is among the main products exported by Brazil for its great prominence in several Asian countries, considering that the Brazilian shipments of poultry meat registered a record value last year of US$8.8 billion. For 2023, the expectations are for an increase in the number of shipments of chicken meat and a consequent rise in its revenue and its exporting volume.


US announces new US$3 billion military aid to Ukraine

Almost a year ago, Russia carried out the first attacks on Ukrainian territory, which started a war in the region. Such wave of violence and attacks has been compromising the European economy and logistics ever since.

To mitigate the impacts of the war, and as an attempt to put an end to those attacks – which have already destroyed several cities and took thousands of people’s lives – the United States announced US$3.75 billion in military assistance to Ukraine. Since the beginning of the conflict, the U.S. has already sent approximately US$25 billion to that country.


World Bank warns of global recession risk

Last week, the World Bank released concerns about the direction of the world economy in 2023. The warning was contained in the semi-annual Global Economic Prospects report and indicated that global growth is likely to slow down this year, causing many countries to resort to foreign aid.

Strong economies such as those of the USA, the European Union countries, and China are registering significant declines, affecting the world into this wave of recession that must be prevented with a series of measures to be studied by the governments.