Savi’s Clipping #15

Weekly Clipping on air! Check out the main highlights!


Guarulhos Airport to offer international cargo transshipment

In order to facilitate the flow of goods even more, the International Airport of São Paulo – located in the city of Guarulhos – has just announced the offering of a cargo transshipment service. In other words, it’ll offer the consolidation of arriving freights after their deconsolidation in the terminal, along with the goods’ migration to another airline, when necessary.

Thus, Guarulhos Airport is the first one to offer this kind of service in the country.


Port of Santos hit cargo movement record

Last year, the Port of Santos registered the highest cargo movement in its history, with a 10.5% increase over 2021.

The terminal’s shipments reached 118.7 million tons, while the landings hit 43.7 million, with a total of 162.4 million tons handled during the last twelve months. Agribusiness products were the chief highlights for the Port of Santos, which received more than 5000 ships during 2022.


Brazil and the United States registered the highest revenue in history with imports and exports

Last year, trade between Brazil and the United States reached US$88.7 billion, the highest annual value in the historical series that began in 1997. Exports registered an increase of 20.2% and imports, 30.3%.


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