Savi's Clipping #20

Savi’s Clipping #20

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TCU approves Port of Itajaí’s privatization.

Last week, the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU in Portuguese) approved the resumption of the Port of Itajaí privatization process, in the State of Santa Catarina, with the National Agency of Waterway Transport – ANTAQ – being responsible for drafting the auction notice.

In addition, the agency has also approved Copel to accelerate the renewal of the concession for the hydroelectric plant of Foz do Areia, located in Paraná.


Strike in Germany causes cancellation of over 1,200 flights.

Last Friday, the German union agreed on a strike in demand for higher wages for the sector. The action has already caused the cancellation of more than 1,200 Lufthansa flights that have impacted around 200,000 passengers, while thousands of tons of cargo are waiting to be transported.

Frankfurt and Munich were reported as the most affected airports by the strike.


Brazil to become a global leader of corn exports.

The latest corn harvest has surprised the sector’s expectations and is already placing Brazil as a global leader of corn exports.

Last month, corn shipments rose 125.9% over the same month in 2022, while the total income from such exports grew more than 160%, and the trend is even higher.

Overtaking soybean exports, corn has consolidated at the top of the ranking in the business, with Japan, China, Vietnam, and South Korea as its main destinations.


SP Expo to host the Intermodal Fair

From February 28th to March 2nd, the city of São Paulo will host the largest Logistics and Foreign Trade event in Latin America, Intermodal South America will take place at the São Paulo Expo Exhibition & Convention Center.

This will be the 27th edition of the event, which plans to congregate 500 exhibiting brands and 40,000 qualified visitors during its three days of fair, throughout 40,000m² of exhibition area. The activities will follow a hybrid format, combining physical events with real time digital actions.

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