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Paranaguá Port celebrates its 88-year anniversary

The Port of Paranaguá, one of the most important terminals for Brazilian foreign trade, celebrated its 88th anniversary on the 17th.

With an eye on new opportunities anticipated by the port authority, private investments towards improvements and an increase in the port’s efficiency might reach R$3 billion in the coming years.

About the port, one thing to be highlighted is its flow of agricultural commodities, especially soybeans, with which the ports of Paraná have led exports earlier this year.


Cosco Shipping to offer a service from Yangpu to South America

The Chinese shipping giant, Cosco Shipping, has recently announced the inauguration of a service that will connect the Yangpu International Container Terminal in Hainan Province to South America, passing through some of Brazil’s major ports, such as Itaqui, Santos, Paranaguá, Itapoá, Navegantes and Itajaí.

The service connecting the Far East and South America is another important step by the company to promote international trade, along with developing new routes and making imports and exports more efficient.


Lufthansa to launch a new airline, City Airlines

Lufthansa, a German company with great transcendence in the international transport of cargo and passengers, has just announced the creation of a new airline in Munich, City Airlines, which will have short and medium-haul routes in order to expand the group’s network of European services.