Savi’s Clipping #3

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Port restrictions in Haiti

Haiti has been facing a series of problems of violence and blockades that hinder logistics in the country. Because of that, Port-au-Prince’s activities are limited and scheduling suspended until normality is restored in the country.

Strike in South Africa and international logistics

Workers at South Africa’s state-owned Transnet announced a strike last week, resulting in an impact in the country’s rail freight services and ports. Several terminals were already inoperative last week, causing great upheaval for companies that have cargo to release in the country.

Workers’ strike in France impacts fuel stockpile

About a third of the gas stations in France are with fuel low inventories due to the strike of workers in the oil sector of the country and, with this, the value of the liter of gasoline and diesel ended up increasing. The strike is due to the general labor confederation (CGT) demanding of a 10% wage increase to offset inflation in the country. However, despite President Emmanuel Macron’s attempt, the strike continues and the population is looking for new alternatives.

Brazilian exports grow above global average

Data from the World Trade Organization (WTO) show that in the first half of this year, Brazilian exports grew 21% in value compared to the first period of 2021. Meanwhile, the high global average was 18%. In imports, Brazil recorded a 32% increase, while the global average grew by 21%. This rise is a reflection of the widespread increase in prices that is impacting markets around the world. However, in relation to the volume shipped, this increase was not as significant, registering 1.8% in exports, and imports recorded 1.3%.

MSC renews intra-Asian network

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company, one of the world’s largest logistics and shipping companies, takes another step towards expanding its intra-Asian network, with the offer of new and updated services that will come into force in November this year. One of the new routes is the “”Dolphin””, which will connect China to Indonesia and other Asian countries such as Thailand and Vietnam.

The “”New Origami”” is the new connection between Japan and South Korea to Vietnam and from the Philippines and Taiwan to South Korea and Japan.

The “”Seahorse”” will speed up transit times from China and from Taiwan to Malaysia and Singapore and the “”Orchid”” will connect and give more efficiency to the route from southern China to Malaysia, thus strengthening and promoting Asian logistics.

China increases restrictions on Shanghai Port

Authorities in Shanghai have tightened restrictions in the region until November 10 to prevent the spread of coronavirus due to the emergence of new cases. As a result, it is likely that some delays in the shipment and release of cargo will occur in the coming weeks at the Port of Shanghai, which already has restrictions on the entry of trucks and the movement of people.

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