Savi’s Clipping #4

Check out the main news from last week:


Xi Jinping is confirmed leader for the next 5 years in China

A week after the 20th Chinese Communist Party Conference, Chinese leader Xi Jinping, who has ruled the country for a decade, confirms his position as general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party for the next five years.

Brazilian cachaça exports increase by 53%

Between January and September this year, Brazilian cachaça exports achieved very similar values to the ones obtained during the pre-pandemic period, reaching US$14.47 million. That means 53% more, compared to the same period in 2021.

There was a reduction in the number of cachaça distilleries, however. Due to lack of demand, some of them ended up closing during the pandemic. According to the released information, this represents a 2% drop, excluding the informal market, as it is estimated that about 90% of the producers are not registered with the ministry.

Rice exports has grown more than 30%

Last month, Brazilian rice exports grew 30% for the third consecutive month. From January to September, there was a 253.5% increase in the revenue obtained from shipments and a 263.8% growth of the exported volume.

The state of Rio Grande do Sul is responsible for almost 100% of the shipments of rice with husk. Mexico and Venezuela have consolidated as the main export destinations for our cereal.

Pork shipments reach new record in Brazil

Pork exports achieved a new record during the third quarter of this year by reaching the mark of 310,000 tonnes. Such growth represents 16.5% more than last quarter, as an immediate consequence of the higher average prices.

China consolidates as the main destination for Brazilian pork, accounting for almost 40% of its market share, followed by other Asian countries such as the Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan. Chile and Argentina are also important destinations for our pork export.

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