Savi’s Clipping #6

Check out the news headlines from last week:

Brazil increases beef exports to the USA

The Brazilian agricultural sector continues to grow and its major highlight have been beef shipments, placing number five among the main products compounding our export agenda.

There has been a 91% increase in the shipped volumes to the USA during the first nine months of this year. The country is one of the biggest consumers of our agricultural products, causing the share of beef in the American market to surge from 6% to 16%.

APM Terminals to leave Port of Itajaí in 2023

Ending of the bidding! APM Terminals, responsible for the logistics operations of the Port of Itajaí in Santa Catarina, has just announced that it will no longer operate at the location, starting on December 31. Since the announcement, several companies are migrating their cargo to other ports in the south of the country to avoid damages and delays in their operations. Yet, CTIL Logística has already won the temporary lease of the terminal.

Trade between Brazil and Canada breaks new record

Canada is one of Brazil’s most important trading partners and has gained even more relevance in our economy with the war in Ukraine, which means a search for new suppliers. Imports of manure and fertilizers, both essential for our agribusiness, recorded a significant increase.

In all, trade between Brazil and Canada summed up US$8.223 billion, a new historic record.

Chinese exports shrank in October

Last month, China’s exports registered its first drop since 2020, when the Covid-19 pandemic was at its most critical terms.

According to the General Administration of Customs, exports dropped 0.3% in October, reaching a significant drop, compared to the 5.7% increase in September, going far below all analysts’ expectations.