Savi’s Clipping #7

Check out the most important Foreign Trade news from last week


Ordinance to bring new rules for the international trade wooden packaging

The Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (Mapa) published the Ordinance number 514 to establish new inspection procedures to the wooden packaging used throughout Brazilian imports and exports, as an adaptation to phytosanitary standards, thus preventing the spread of pests across the country. The new norm determines that used packages must be returned to its origin or, otherwise, be destroyed within 30 days after the issuance of the agricultural tax notification. This period can be extended by the Ministry.

In addition, the package and its supports will have to be treated in accordance with the ISPM 15 recognition and approval norms, that are norms that follow international standards of phytosanitary measures and regulate those types of products internationally.

Port of Itajaí renews its contract with APM Terminals

After many speculations about the end of the contract due to the ongoing privatization process surrounding the Port of Itajaí, in Santa Catarina, last week, APM Terminals confirmed that it would continue to operate in the terminal in 2023, by the means of a provisional contract.

Agro exports grow 61% in october

Brazilian agribusiness exports are still on the rise! Last month, Brazil exported US$14.25 billion, 61.3% more than its previous registration in October 2021. The national exported volume increased by 38.9%, totaling a 33% raise, or US$136.10. Meanwhile prices have accumulated 16.1%. Soy complex stands out as the sector’s major export product, followed by meet exports.