Savi’s Clipping #8

Check last week’s highlights in Foreign Trade:


• Viracopos is the first airport in Brazil to adapt to the new MAPA’s rule

As we reported last week, Brazilian MAPA (the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply) implemented new phytosanitary regulations for wood packaging and shipments utilized for foreign trade purposes.

Viracopos International Airport, located in Campinas, São Paulo, surprised everyone with its rapid adaptation to the procedures, becoming the first airport in the country to implement the new service for the destruction of packaging and wooden supports, thus avoiding the spread of pests.

• Agreement on export of Ukrainian grains extended for four months

Since the beginning of the year, Ukraine has suffered from Russian attacks as the world absorbs the economic impact of the war.

Last week, it was agreed that the exports of Ukrainian grains through the Dead Sea would be extended for 120 days. Such decision cooperates with the European supply in the fight against the world food crisis. Ensuring fertilizers export from Russia to global markets was another important point in the agreement to be highlighted.

• Prices of imports to the USA dropped for a 4th straight month

USA import prices fell 0.2% in October after decreasing 1.1% in September, as a reflection of both the fall of oil products as well as dollar appreciation.

During the last 12 months, prices have increased 4.2% in that country. It is the lowest level registered since February 2021. Another factor that has been facilitating the fight against inflation is the US raise of interest rates, from zero to 3.75%.


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