How to find logistics providers in other countries?

If you work with freight forwarding, you’ve certainly needed to find a supplier in a country you don’t usually operate with, but that you had to in order to meet a customer’s request for quotation. If you’ve ever wondered where to start and how to find logistics providers in other countries in a practical, simple, and safe way, then this post is for you.



Logistics fairs, such as the Intermodal South America that took place recently, as well as others around the world, are ways to find agents abroad, because the various exhibitors attending make it possible to meet many suppliers in a single day, at the same place. In addition, the mornings before the fair can be very productive to meet the agents and invite them to visit your company (since it is common for the fair to take place in the afternoon and evening).



Cargo agent registration catalogs, such as Marine Traffic, AZFreight and similar are also a way to find partners, not always reliable because they do not have security verification by the portals, but with precaution they can be a good source of research.



Agent networks such as WCA, MarcoPolo, CGLI and others are a safe and effective method, as they have a network of verified agents that have passed a security filter, which can vary according to the network category.


This is because, in addition to the networks themselves, they filter agents into sub-networks of specialists, as in the case of WCA, which classifies into WCA Pharma, WCA Time Critical, WCA Projects, WCA Perishable, WCA e-commerce, WCA Relocations and WCA Dangerous Goods, each of them with certified specialists in their areas of expertise.


As an additional protection method, your company can look for referrals among freight forwarders abroad with whom it already works, that is, ask known partners if they can recommend companies that are financially reliable and safe to work with, as an operation can be at risk if placed in unfamiliar hands.


What about you? Do you use any other method that we haven’t mentioned here? Comment below and let us know!