Savi’s Clipping #16

Savi’s Clipping is on air!

Here we have the main news that moved logistics, Foreign Trade, and International Relations last week. Check them out!

1) LATAM Cargo discloses the list of main products transported in 2022

According to recent data released by LATAM Cargo, last year’s most internationally transported cargo on board Brazilian aircraft were automotive accessories and parts, footwear and machinery; they represented more than a half of the volume exported from Brazil abroad and were followed by other items such as fruits, flowers, vegetables, fish, textiles, medicines and vaccines.

2) Brazil’s participation in the World Economic Forum

From January 15 to January 20, the city of Davos, Switzerland, hosted one of the most important international events in the world – the World Economic Forum. The forum has been held since 1971 to gather leaders of the world’s largest economies to discuss various international issues and create strategies as well as solutions for social, economic, and environmental development.

The Brazilian delegation included Fernando Haddad and Marina Silva, who, among many other topics, have also debated environmental and Amazon preservation issues.

3) Brazil records hit wheat harvest and reduces foreign dependency

Historically, Brazil is a great importer of wheat. However, with the increase of the harvest during the past few years, this external dependence has been reduced, consequently increasing the Brazilian highlight in cereal exports.

Brazil reported a record movement concerning wheat in 2022, with the import and export of 8.78 million tons during that period, being 5.71 million tons coming from imports and 3.07 for exports, almost three times higher than the record during 2021.

4) China begins New Year’s celebrations

On January 22, China began the celebrations of one of the most important holidays for its population, the Chinese New Year. They celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Rabbit – year 4721. As a result, this week is full of celebrations with age-old traditions and a high flow of people all over the country.